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Hi y’all, I do hope everyone is ok? I joined not long ago but what with work etc I’ve not been as ‘active’ as I’d like! Anyway, I’ve a little story to tell & some nice new Gretsch guitars to show you! I popped into my local news agents about a month ago to buy my usual newspaper. For some very odd & strange reason upon being given my £2 change I decided (for the first time!) to but a lotto scratch card. Never expecting to win I put the card in my wallet and set off for work. On the train coming home the same day I remembered my lotto card and was absolutely delighted to win £20,000!!! The following weekend I popped to London to buy some guitars: I bought: 1) Gretsch G6120 55 GE 1) Gretsch George Harrison signature duo jet 1) Rickenbacker 330 1) Les Paul studio And (1) Brian Jones signature model Guitar! The guy in the shop was so pleased I spent my money in his shop that he paid for a cab to take me to the train station! I’ve included some pictures here, and these new additions look great alongside my Gretsch Streamliners & Electromatic guitars. I felt so fortunate & lucky (and a little guilty) that I also gave some money to charity! My next purchase will be (hopefully) one of the new Gretsch penguin parlour guitars, which are due out in September. Keep safe everybody & if you’ve got a couple of spare £ or $ have a lucky-dip on the lotto! Best wishes, Ray - UK


Monkees Streamliner & my new George Harrison signature jet


My music room following my new arrivals!!


My music room following my new arrivals!!


Streamliner ‘Viking’ & 6120 GE


My music room following my new arrivals!!


Brian Jones signature model...


Wow! That’s an unexpected story for sure. Stuff like that pretty much never happens...I just don’t win things and I don’t even know anyone who has won anything like that windfall. You’re Mr Lucky for sure!

Excellent choice in instruments there, and a handsome collection.

Now, er, might I suggest, ahem ahem, some Tru-Arc bridges?

(Disclosure: they’re my product. I’m being blatantly opportunistic. Don’t buy any!)

Congratulations on your good fortune, and on your fine shopping spree.


Yeah - don't buy any tru-arcs! Snake oil. But some of the better snake oil around I must admit. High-quality indeed.

Wow - you have a lot of guitars! Lots of arms too?? I think I might have spread it all out a bit more but who knows? It's unlikely I will ever be in that position. I felt lucky (in a morbid, kinda sad way) when my Dad died and we had discussed that I should buy a really nice guitar with some inheritance to remember him by. I play it almost every day and do indeed think of him frequently, especially when playing it.

Mind you I do have a small shopping list should I win a lot of money. Only problem is that I pretty much have everything I want now.

Enjoy playing them. Make the most of your good luck.


Hi, I’d love a Tru-Arc bridge for my club jet. Are they available to buy online? Many thanks Ray


Hi, Thanks for the reply! What Guitar did you buy to remember your father by?


Money well spent, you jammy . . .



Wow!! Congratulations on your good luck! The ONLY thing I ever won was a fire extinguisher -- about 40 years ago at a company picnic.

Great guitar collection! Enjoy!!

Yes -- you can buy TruArc products here: http://www.truarcbridgework... HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I have installed them on all my electric guitars over the last 10+ years except for my most recent Gretsch 6120-55VS. I'm taking my time in considering which TruArc to buy for it...... Will probably go for an aluminum SerpenTune, but I'm enjoying a leisurely shopping experience for now......


Wow! Looks as though you've won the lottery several times!


Ahem...I sell Tru-Arc:

Congrats on the win. I got £1000 on my first ever Lucky Dip, on my birthday too!


Man, Congrats! What an awesome story.

Lovely choices.


Very cool story, and even cooler guitars! Congratulations on your Lucky Dip.


Congratulations on winning the lottery and on getting some beautiful guitars!

I'm thinking maybe you should have bought a car though.


Wow, a Quintuple NGD. Even on our best days, neither Proteus nor I have pulled that off. Congrats!


Congrats Ray,great choices !

That's a great music room ya got there too.

I play the Lotto or Euro Millions once a month ,never get much though,in fact i haven't won anything in 2 years,and that was £7.60. I've never bought a scratch card either. The most i ever won was £40 ,and that was £160 split as part of a syndicate of 4.

My aunt won a car on local radio 11 year ago,but she has epilepsy ,so they took away her license ,she took the cash instead ,but that was 2K less than the car was worth!

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