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Love for the Tennessee Rose!


Oo I got the date wrong there, you are correct Don. My Tennessee Rose is actually a 2017.

.. Not unrelated, someone local to me is selling a 6119-SP. I don't see many of those around. It's a real stunner. I'm tempted.


So I haven't pulled the proverbial trigger yet but... I have the "ok" from my wife to go ahead and buy a Vintage Select Tennessee Rose! And this is after she let me buy the Smoke Grey/Violet Metallic LTD Penguin last spring (and a Vintera 50s Tele in the summer).

Yay me! And man, I love my wife.

The conversation was essentially...

Her "Do you need it?"

Me "No."

Her "Do you want it?"

Me "Yes..."

Her "Is it your dream guitar?"

Me pulls up pics of George Harrison and his Tennessean on the computer and smiles like an idiot... and possibly drools a little

Her "Sigh... ok, go ahead. You're lucky I love you!"


I'm still debating about buying the guitar I mentioned in post #33. Besides buying another guitar my main issue with this particular 2004 gem is that there is a green corrosion on the pickups and the bridge. Is this easily cleaned and removed? I'm thinking toothpaste, peanut butter, Coca-Cola, vinegar or whatever. Any suggestions?

Edit: I just searched old threads and discovered Flitz. Would this remove the green mold-like corrosion?

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