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Loose nut…..


So last night I had a New Years Eve show and I was aware of the low E string slipping off the frets up near the nut. I kept playing and thought maybe it was just me being clumsy with my fingers. Well this morning I picked up my Jag Tan Annie and.... I’ll be damned if the nut wasn't shifted over toward the bass string side by a lot! Damn near a 1/4 inch! Strange..... anyone ever had this happen? And what type of glue is recommended?


I use Titebond. Clean off the old glue, apply the Titebond and use the guitar's strings to hold the nut in place while the glue dries. I've never had one come back to me because the glue failed. Someone will still be able to remove the nut in the future, without having to utter a tapestry of obscenities.


Yep, had this happen on my Gent RI with a brass nut.

Used Titebond like Zig suggests, and so far so good.

Polished up the top/sides of the brass while I had it out.

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