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Looking at a strange 2005 6118


serial # is


So It's Japan Fugi-Gen Gakki factory June 2005

But the last four digits are only 0008

Which means according to The Esteemed Understanding Gretsch Serial #'s makes it:

"0001 - 0100: Reserved for prototypes, samples, one-offs, and other special things."

It is listed as 6118 Smoke Green Anniversary Edition

Is the AE enough to give it a serial of only 0008 despite being made in JUNE?

or is it otherwise 'special' in some way?

I am including picture

They are asking $1450


Very similar to this one except the one I am looking at has a Bigsby

Also seller remarked it had some sort of 'upgraded Bigsby'

These look pretty sweet


I doubt it's a prototype or anything THAT unusual, but I will tell you this: the 2005 Fuji-gen made 6118s have tone post bracing, fairly thin ply tops, and a floating fretboard extension that is not attached to the top. This makes for a very resonant guitar with a wonderful tone. Here's mine:

And here's a pic of the fretboard extension:

The B6 Bigsby, however, is not original, and it isn't on mine either.

Nice guitar, but $1,450 is just an ok price, you can probably do better...


Is that a Compton bridge on yours?

Weird roller bridge on this one!

Sounds like the pickups got that 'twang' and it's got the sweet bracing.

I've seen a few completed auctions at with similar prices

This will be my go-to guitar for a long time. Want to choose right!



I'll play it make $1300 offer probably. It's gotta be a sweet guitar AND deal!


I will also check to see if it's lacquer or poly and if it has stock or TV jones

The latter two appointments would make it more valuable to me


If it's a 2005 JF serial number guitar, I'm almost positive that it's poly finish with stock filters. BTW, that bridge isn't a roller bridge; it's the stock space control bridge. If you get this guitar, I'd consider replacing that, too.


Joe could confirm, but I think they didn't start reserving the first 10 until '08 or so.


I agree totally with dilver; the Fugi-Gen built Annies are wonderful. I have one from 2005 as well. In my opinion anywhere around the $1400 mark is money well spent. I've had five 6118s and this is the one that I kept and will never sell. BTW, mine is from may and is #0097.


I talked the seller down to $1200 so with the money saved I can buy TV Jones bridge pup and a Compton bridge!


Do yourself a favor and buy a Tru-Arc rocking bar bridge.


I gotta read up on the Tru Arc vs. Compton bridge

I'll do a search

Thanks. I read a bunch about Compton but kind of missed the Tru Arc

I've got (as of tomorrow) three guitars to consider bridges for:

2012 5420 (frankly pickups might be my first tinker. The black tops just seem a little anemic). This has the floating bridge thang.

2004 5129 (Adore the DeArmond 2000's) . Fixed bridge

2005 6118 (looking at tomorrow and almost certainly scooping up)

I ADORE the roller bridge on my Flatroc

Need to thin my herd and sell my Washburn N4

Or let go my pride and joy - the 1980 AS200

I had a guy offer me $2200 a couple of years back but wasn't ready to let it go

Maybe my PRS. It's great but I rarely play it


Off to read up on Tru Arcs

Hopefully no big words or complex concepts ! :l

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