Modern Gretsch Guitars

Look what I just got - A brand new Electromatic G5220 ,,, :)


Nice! Congrats! I love the new tailpiece,on these.


Love seeing your demo's, Geoffrey! Play 'er in good health!


Wow! This guitar sounds great. You know just what to play on every pickup position too. I love it!


According to specs, that has a black walnut fretboard. What do you think of it?


Plays nice ,,

I'm not really fussy about fretboards though ,, most are in the same ballpark more or less, except Maple on strats or Ebony ,,


Saw the Vid on You Tube last night! Very nice!!! Enjoy! Mark


Congrats Sir!

My local got a few in and the gold one sold as soon as they hung it up!

I tried the dark cherry ,great fit and finish ,nice neck too ,it played well.


This model in that color has been no. 1 on my list of intersest for a while. It's creeping up to no. 1 on my wish list now. It sounds pretty decent.


Black top Filtertrons, right?


Black top Filtertrons, right?

– Suprdave

No, advertised as "All-new Black Top Broad'Tron Pickups". I have the exact guitar as the OP.


I tried one of these on a Princeton Reverb Reissue 68. Sounds fabulous. Had to brace myself not to buy it. Congrats.

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