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Look What Followed Me Home! (NGD)


So I haven't had much of a GAS problem recently, but I had a Guitar Center coupon for $10 that expires later this month and needed some new acoustic guitar strings and wanted to find about recording software instruction, so yesterday I moseyed into the Emeryville GC. Found out about the instruction (don't have what I need), got the strings ... and then saw this and decided to try it out. It was much prettier in person than the pics I'd seen on the Gretsch website and various retailers' sites, and the neck felt really nice --- on the thick and chunky side, but a comfortable width. I already have an electric 12 string (not that I use it a whole lot), and certainly didn't NEED another, but oh gosh this thing sounded great! The combination of hollow body (exceptionally resonant acoustically), 12 strings, and Blacktop FilterTrons was strikingly memorable. A different voice than the toaster-style pickups on my Santaoga JT-Hawk 12, and it led my fingers to play different kinds of things ... and interesting ones. Between my soon-to-come tax refund and a $100 gift card from Xfinity when I signed up for new service at my new address, and the fact I have a birthday coming up soon, and have survived a pretty intensely terrible, horrible, no-good very bad year --- and was able to negotiate a very good price, I talked myself into it. Welcome home to Gretsch number 4:


Congratulations on a very cool looking guitar. By the way, what kind of guitar stand is that?



Everyone should have a 12-string electric guitar!


Well done, Parabar. They are nice indeed. And it is a simple matter of cutting a new nut if you want to string it Ric-style.


Dang, that's a beautiful guitar! May this be a harbinger of good things in the coming year.


You'd better be bringing that to the Roundup this year!


Gentlemen prefer blondes, have fun.


I don't claim to be a gentleman (ahem!) and don't usually specifically prefer blondes, but somehow I have more of them (5) than any other color of guitar. I'm not counting "sunburst" as a single color, as I have 2 cherry sunbursts, 1 burgundy sunburst, 1 brown burst, and 1 black/red/amber sunburst.

E.P., the stand is by On Stage Stands, and is a good one --- heavy duty base, adjustable height neckrest, and one side of the neckrest is spring loaded, so the guitar cannot fall or be knocked off the stand.

Fritz, I'll plan to bring it to the RoundUp, but I'll need a contingent to play some Beatles or Byrds or Jefferson Airplane tunes with me.


NEED isn’t as important as WANT. Great color. Congrats!


Less jingle in your pocket...more jangle in your guitars!



Sweet! Congrats!


Very nice! And remember, you can never have too many guitars!


Congratulations, Parabar!! Gorgeous guitar!

I have wanted to try one of those for a couple of years. However I am terrified to do so because I know what will happen next.......


I'd love to have an electric 12. Congrats on a very nice one!


Congrats Parabar!

That's a very nice one......

Have a good time with it!


Congratulations! I have also played these in Guitar Center and think they are killer guitars. I would love to own one but logic and budget take over my decision making every time I try one. They are really fun to play and they sound fantastic.


Congrats Parabar!

Gretsch should make this blonde a regular option on these,we've all seen black and walnut already.


Nice guitar Parabar, I've heard nothing but good things about this model. Congratulations, enjoy!



I have a black one and they sound great. It definitely sounds different from my Rick 12’s but it’s supposed to. They record wonderfully too, especially through a Roland JC-120 (at least that was what works best for me, anyway.) There was one at last year’s Nashville Roundup and of course, it sounded marvelous.

Whenever I see a blond one, I can’t help but think of Mike Nesmith.


Congrats - beautiful! I have a black one that I won at the Roundup in 2012. I love it. Brought it to the Roundup last year.


Congrats, Parabar, I keep seeing those and thinking "Hmmm," but so far have managed to talk myself out of it.


I like it in blonde. Those were unobtainium, though, when my GAS pressure built to a dangerous level, and the deal I found was on black.

I'm not unhappy - indeed they're great guitars, and the black is indeed handsome - but...well, I still like it in blonde.

Ya done good. Different voice or not, I'm guessing the Sanatoga won't get much use.

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