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Let’s Talk Pearl Jets


And my never ending GAS for them!

I've always thought Pearl Jets were among the most beautiful of the lot but was always late to the game when it came time to buy one. I did blow a chance to get Bonedaddy's before he changed his mind. Wise move, grasshopper.

Anyway, and I'll direct this question to Joe C., any chance we'll ever see Pearl Jets back in regular, or FSR production?


Meanwhile, here's some Pearl Jets to ruminate over...

The Blue Pearl Jet


And finally, Joel Hibbs' astonishing Pearl Penguin.


I concur.

Red. Must have red, as in the 10th Anniversary CS Jet.


Agree all the way! Just sold my Duo Jet with a dream in mind to actually getting serious on a CS pearl or sparkley Jet.


I've got it bad for these things, too, and have for a long time, and that's with the 90s specs. If I could get a black pearl (or similar) with the modern, "correctly" shaped and chambered body...

oh my.... I do get the shivers just thinking about it.

And sorry, Prot, but NOT red. That ain't right.


At this point, I'd take the vomit shade and probably love it.

I only ask that this not be a custom shop only option now.

GAS is so bad that I had a dream. It was either food for the kids, or a Pearl Jet. Well, those kids were a little chubby, so...


I concur.

Red. Must have red, as in the 10th Anniversary CS Jet.

– Proteus

I'd love to see a Persian Sand Pearl Jet.


And sorry, Prot, but NOT red. That ain't right

You're kidding, right?


The blue pearl does it for me.

How about Flagstaff Sunset pearl?


And sorry, Prot, but NOT red. That ain't right

You're kidding, right?

– Proteus

Mmm...Swedish Fish Red


There's a photo somewhere of Carl Perkins with a blue pearl Jet. He looked happy.


I've lusted after a blue(ish) Pearl Jet for a decade... and I'm not sure why they've eluded me this long (as I've acquired other guitars during that time). So someday, one will be mine!

I also have a vague recollection of seeing a Stern Custom Shop 6120 with the blue pearl wrap top... or was I dreaming that?!


I always thought they were all the same depending how the look in the light. So there were distinct colors?


As long as we're not talking mauve, taupe, or chartreuse pearl Jets, I'm there.

I love that Penguin that Joel owns... That reminds me of the old Ludwig "Black Diamond" drum finish, which I always lusted after way back in my drummer days.


Those B&W Pearl Jets just get me all shook up.

Hopefully they won't make more. I'm old, retired, and drool all the time. I don't need to really get slobbering over a new run of these.......with Filters please! LOL


Have they ever made one in white pearl? That seems like it would be a natural.


I love that one in Johns initial pic. I've always wanted one.


Mmm...Swedish Fish Red

Mmmm...Svedish fish!

And MAN I was good-looking in 2014.

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