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Lefty Tim Armstrong F/S Cheep PSA


"Not professionally relic’d, just done in the garage with a sander. Tone and volume knobs removed like Tim’s, and I no longer have them. Everything other than the cosmetics are in perfect working order. Strap button at base of neck has been moved, see photo. This is a LH guitar set up to play right handed with the bridge reversed and intimated. Comes in original cardboard box, no hardcase."

Wow. He's lucky someone is bidding at all.


Well at least he's willing to include the Original cardboard box. He made an addendum to his notes. Looks like he found the knobs. That should really help close the deal.


Tempting , just to give it a good home, and fix it some how why would someone do that.. this is mine.


The seller states that it is a lefty set up to play righty. This is to mirror Tim Armstrong’s actual setup of a righty set up to play lefty.

My question. Why wouldn’t Tim just get a lefty, given his endorsement deal?


Lefty models don't sell as well,not as many left handers. the market is geared more for right handed players.


That is a great guitar for what he is asking.


Hey 714Tom, you are totally correct, exponentially more righties. However, the one being sold above is a lefty, manufactured by Gretsch.

So the question, why wouldn’t Tim just play a lefty, as he plays lefty?


IIRC the original guitar was a '70's County Club. Back then lefties were special order only -- and subsequently hard to find. Despite the abuse -- this is a deal.


He found a right handed baldwin era Gretsch , remember not a lot of lefty stuff out their. So he flipped a right more available guitar to play left handed. Gretsch manufactured them both ways. He was playing that way before the endorsement with Gretsch.

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