Modern Gretsch Guitars

Just wondering about pricing on 6120/6122 Jrs…


I have been wanting a Jr for some time. I love the older fully-hollow models for their light weight and woody sound.

My first preference was for a 6122 Jr., which averages somewhere between about $1500 - $2200 depending on what you find. But, I picked up a good deal on a 6120 Jr. at a lower price point. What was somewhat baffling to me was that uniformly 6122 Jr.s as a group always were priced higher than 6120's.

How come? Are the 6122s more rare? I can't imagine them to be better guitars or even that they would sound much different. Is it a public perception thing?


They are more rare and no-one has said a bad word about them or any of the jr.'s. A real winner for modern Gretsch.

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