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Just got a Streamliner Jr. 2655T - loving it!


Hi all, Yesterday I purchased this instrument in candy apple red. I played it in the store and immediately like the sound of the "hot" PUs. It's a sound that I didn't have. I gig professionally on acoustic solo fingerstyle, and electric is mostly a hobby for me, but here in my dotage, I've picked up an interest in playing country lead and blues. I think that this will be a great little blues guitar. My Sewell amp is clean forever, and this new guitar adds jut a bit grit and overdrive. Through the Blues Jr. I can overdrive all day and get some great blues sounds. My other Gretsch, a fantastic 6122-59, is a totally different critter of course, so it nice to have this very different instrument at a great price. All of a sudden, I have an electric "collection", each with a very different character: The two Gretsch instruments, plus an Electromatic 12-string, a '67 Tele with a b-bender, and a beautiful Heritage 535 (like a Gibson 335). Most of my investment and time are with fine luthier-built acoustics, but this electric thing sure is fun! Photos to follow. Jenn


Very cool. Looking forward to the photos.

That's a pretty comprehensive and inclusive set of electrics for an acoustic player!


Congrats on the latest acquisitions. Lookin' forward to pics of the entire collection!


Congrats. I also have one. Nice guitar. Actually, your whole collection is noteworthy.


Congretschulations on your new purchase!

For those of you considering this guitar, Adorama Camera has a great price on the G2655T in Walnut Stain. Check it out! Available only thru this link, and I don't know for how long!


Congrats! piiiiics please

Thanks for that link BobbyMac....


Thanks Jenn, it sounds like you are purveyor of fine guitars. Congratulations on acquiring the Streamliner, it seems to have filled a sonic void you never knew existed, until you heard it filled. I keep hearing about how good these new Streamliners are, and I'm really thinking about checking one out in person. I'm glad you are enjoying yours, and I look forward to seeing some pictures.


Congratulations! I thought they would be suited for blues.


Congrats! Lets see some pics! Welcome to the GDP.

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