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Jet question


I am looking at modern jets with Filtertrons. Anyone have experience with both the new Players Edition and the prior Fender-era Jets? Any strong preference and why? If I get one with the blueish pearl drum wrap top will I become as cool as it looks or will I remain a bit of an aged nerd? Curious minds.

I have a modern Jet with Dynas so I’m not new to the terrain.


I have a G6131T Player's Edition Jet Firebird, with HS Filter'Trons. It's a very nice instrument, and sounds amazing. I don't have any experience with traditional Jets, just the Player's Edition. I can give you a two thumbs up on these. Low action, zero buzzing or rattling, nothing objectionable at all. The B-7 Bigsby even works well, and stays in tune.


The pre-Fender Jets make ok furniture or wall hangings, but they're not musical instruments. Of course I'm going to tell you that DynaSonics are vastly superior to FilterTrons, but then tone isn't everything I guess.


If it were me, I'd just be an aged nerd with a cool guitar.

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