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Jag Tan (again?!)


I know that the finish on the '54 Streamliner on the left is the short-lived "Jaguar Tan"... but what is the finish on this modern era triple pu guitar on the right?? Looks really close to Jag Tan to me!!


Shoreline Gold. Somehow looks blah to me but I have yet to see it other than in a picture.


Nice to see cateyes every once in awhile. And I bet the color looks way better in person - we know how pics are - and not really very Jagtanny.

But I'm trying to imagine anything less enticing on a Gretsch than three full-size whateverbuckers, with FIVE knobs AND a second switch in the upper bout. And a tension bar. I'm sorry about that, but a guy's got to stand for something.


Now, Tim, how 'bout your 5622? (Except for the superhilos)


What, this old thing?

Oh, it's an offender. Also a lot of knobs (though somehow the chrome G-knobs don't stand out like the black domes...maybe because they blend with the other hardware, maybe just because I'm used to them).

But notice I specifically called out full-size buckers, knowing the 5622 has relative minis (with handsome Gretsch deco pickup rings - that I greened out - not those generic black rings of the pictured guitar). And the SuperHiLos are voiced pretty bright; they really do sound like a HiLo crossed with a minibucker. Not so much the generibuckers.

My experience with the 5622 is why I feel confident in dismissing that tri-bucking travesty as a GINO. The Stratlike bridge-middle and middle-neck positions (the best reasons to have three pups) are almost too fat to be Gretschticulate on the 5622; I know pickups sounding any fuller-fatter-muddier (choose your euphemism) just wouldn't do at all. Woofmuffle mufflewoof.

As a Gretsch, that'ere Streamliner is a non-starter!


I love my Superhilo equipped one, too.


Would you want the pickups to sound any fatter darker?


Oh, no. The S-Hilos are what makes this one great.


I know that modern Gretsch did release something they called Jaguar Tan. But it looked more like the two-tone tan that started to show up in the early '60s, not the metallic gold of the mid - '50s.


My 2014 6112TCB-JR in Jaguar Tan/ Copper Mist:


Now that’s more like it. I’d forgotten that model...14” centerblocker. I should find one. I love the copper, and it’s a better match with the Jagtan than it was with yellow on that long-time-ago Country Club.

While we’re at it, this listing has much better pics of Sahara Metallic - in an interesting but maybe not completely successful pairing.


125th Annie, too


Could it just be that the 54 faded a bit over time? What's it look like under the tail piece?


I think the old 50s Jag Tan Streamliners are some of the best looking Gretsches ever made...just gorgeous.


To be clear... I am aware that FMIC/Gretch has used the term "Jaguar Tan" in recent years, but that color was a weird flesh-tone hue, and nothing close to the 50s version. What I'm seeing on this three pickup catseye model is pretty dead nuts on... so although I'm sure they call it something else, they SHOULD resurrect the Jag Tan finish spec for these.


The 6112TCB-JR Copper Mist back and sides:


125th Annie, too

– Baxter

Here's mine from 2008. The finish is lovely, but doesn't look much like the Jaguar Tan I've seen on '50s guitars. I can't decide which finish is best: 120th Bamboo Yellow or 125th Jaguar Tan. Fortunate to own both.


This is pretty close to the 50s Jag Tan color too!


It would appear that the new FMIC color "Sahara Metallic" is the new Jag Tan...

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