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is this what pre fmic filters sound like?


has a thinner, snappier, more percussive sound than i would have expected, or i'm used to hearing from these kinds of things. i know its in the middle position, but still.

if not that, what am i hearing, and can current models make this sort of racket? my 6118 with supertrons sounds nothing like that, for what it is worth.


Kind of sounds like a cross between old Hilo's and blacktop filters. Not sure if I like it or not. I've never played this year/model.


I haven't played that model but it's pretty representative of ceramic filtertrons.


I had an '89 6120 with ceramics and lived with them for several years. I didn't use pedals and found them lacking. I'd have to hear your guitar without any effects before I could identify them for sure. Jim Heath got a good sound out of them and many do like them for what they are. Another excellent guitarist, Jerry Miller who plays a pre-FMIC Roundup for Eillen Jewell, may also be using them; it's amazing how pedals can shape your tone. Your guitar is definitely pre-FMIC so it's a strong possibility. Nice playing BTW.


oh no, that isn't me. i can't rock a scarf like that. it's just a demo i stumbled across. and i do like their demos and this guy's playing- he's done a few gretsches over the years.

so when did they exist and stop existing? anything post-2004, give or take shouldn't have them, right? and people tend to dump these pretty easily, so they should be available at decent prices, no?

interesting. i'd have to hear them in person. suppose the guitar comes in to play, too. in the demo they sort of sound like the mid point between a 6118 and a casino.


They started in '89 with the modern models but some of the late '70's may have them: that period is sometimes called "Gretsch's Lost Weekend." There used to be a pretty good site by that name with '70's Gretsch info. I imagine that the ceramics were phased out when Gretsch signed up Brian Setzer as an endorser, but I'm not sure of the date. ('97?) TVJones made his business by the demand for more faithful Filtertrons which the ceramics weren't. IIRC the ceramics should be +/-$100 for the pair.


LX, the Brian Setzer guitars had very similar pickups, but with Alnico magnets and no ears so you could get them closer to the strings. I think the ceramics went away on the rest of the line once FMIC had truely revised all the models and production.

Duke Kramer used to sell the ceramic 'trons too, along with other umm..."reissue" parts, post 89.


so i'm reading that other current pups are ceramic, like possibly the blacktops and megatrons. are either those similar to these? or a flat out reissue? could someone like tv jones make a set? that sounds dumb, but now i'm curious.


I'm almost positive someone around here has some ceramic filtertrons laying around that they would sell you. I think I gave all mine away - post it in Garage sale WTB Ceramic Filtertrons.


I know they aren't popular as the alnicos but I liked the ceramic Filters with my old rock rig (MatchlessHotbox/BlackfaceDualShowmanHead/Marshall4X10Bottom). Not what you would think of as a classic Gretsch tone, but who cares, it sounded great!


I've said it before but I put alnico's into my pre-FMIC guitars and I think that may have been a mistake - I think the heavier density body needed a tighter/sharper/hotter pickup. But as with all things guitar/sound related, YMMV.

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