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Is the there a story about Gretsch picking orange as a color?


You've done it now, Joe. There's enough raw material in that dissection of orange to spawn weeks of clever repartee in this thread.


I think it was these myself!

Fada 209

Catalin Fada

Emerson Tombstone

Crosley 11-103U Bullseye


Man I love catalin radios.


One need only look to the friendly skies of, er, Southwest Airlines, or maybe PSA before it, to learn the true motivation. Orange=girls, guitar players like girls, you do the math.

By the way, discussions like this are how fake news gets started.


By the way, discussions like this are how fake news gets started.

Well, I think most of the population used to be able to distinguish between fact and parody. It's gotten much harder now that truth (whatever that may be) is stranger than any fiction - and we've been carefully educated to be credulous.

So, warning taken.

DISCLAIMER: for anyone who hasn't figured it out, my accounting of how Poop Brown came about is partly fictitious.

Luttrell isn't in Alabama. It's in Arkansas.


Funny thing is.......the only guitar I would ever get in orange is a Gretsch, just doesn't look right or appeal to me on any thing else.

– Gretschadelphia

I dunno. This one looks pretty nice to me:

But this just looks like a cheap copy:

Or maybe that's just my opinion of Guild vs. Epiphone or the X-170 vs, the Swingster.

to my knowledge there is no color associated with a guitar/brand like orange is with Gretsch.

Rickenbacker - Fireglo


A quick review of Chapter 10 in Ed Ball's book did not pinpoint a specific person or event leading to the color choice. There is a statement that Chet did NOT like the color (along with other features of the guitar).........

– senojnad

Is there any thing Chet Atkins DID like about Gretsch guitars other than the endorsement $$$? I always hear about what he didn't like.

I used to fantasize about having a big orange Gretsch. Then when started being made again and orange seemed to be the main colour, I completely lost the desire. Also I like the old ones and they're now prohibitively expensive. I wish they would do more guitars in that particular shade of opaque red the original Tennssean's and I think Monkees Gretsch's were. That's a great colour too.


Rickenbacker - Fireglo

Well, also...what comes to mind if I say "goldtop"?

And it's a long road to go down, but...seafoam green, sonic blue, shell pink, Aztec gold, fiesta red?

And, needless to add, Sunset Orange is not the only color that screams GRETSCH IN THE ROOM. That star of another current thread, Smoke Green, qualifies. Cadillac Green. Silver Sparkle. Many other Gretsch colors are very distinctive - chromatic fashion is kinda a family obsession - but are best recognized by brand aficionados. No doubt orange is the one Gretsch color someone with a casual knowledge of the brand is likely to recognize - but the greens and silver are pretty specific in guitar lore to Gretsch, too.


There was a meeting with Chet in which Mr. Gretsch said “You don’t like this and you don’t like that, but aren’tcha glad it isn’t a Gibson?” Don Draper was there, had a phonetical moment, and the rest is history.


Oranges are sweet, juicy, good fer ya. There's your story.

..what comes to mind if I say "goldtop"?

Yes. I might also include the cherry finish on an SG. Sure SGs come in an assortment of colors (as do Gretsches), but the cherry/SG combo is like Abbot and Costello, peanut butter and jelly, rock and roll, Tru Arc and Compton.


Well, most of those pairs of items complement each other. I don't know that a bridge needs a paperweight as a companion, but OK.


It's better than Gibson yellow.


If someone said I would ever own an Orange guitar 15 years ago I would have laughed. Now it is my favorite guitar color

– GreTschocaster

WOW!!!! That is a gorgeous assembly you have there, Dave!!


I don't know that a bridge needs a paperweight as a companion, but OK. -- Proteus



Gibson's TV Yellow has to be appropriately aged as do the owners. like Jerry Raney here. He said he bought it in 1969, so it was only 10 years old then.


I had a couple of Orange 6120’s in the 70’s, a 58 & a 60! We didn’t care what colour they were. We only cared about how they played and the tone..


"to my knowledge there is no color associated with a guitar/brand like orange is with Gretsch."


Are the Made in China models "mandarin orange?"


The Brooklyn-based Gretsch company was tipping a tricorn hat to a peculiar moment in New York's history when the Big Apple was briefly a quite different fruit.

On August 22nd 1673, the Dutch navy under the command of Admiral Cornelis Evertsen seized New York from British control and renamed the city New Orange. A peace treaty in February 1674 resulted in the Dutch and British returning their colonial trinkets to one another and the city was New York once more.


Orange you glad we’ve had this colorful discussion?

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