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Is the Gretsch Squeezebox Treble Bleed available separately?


I've been very impressed with the treble bleed thing that Gretsch is putting in new guitars lately - it works better than any treble bleed cap/resistor things I've ever installed. Does anyone know if I can get one for my SSLVO?


I looked inside my Jet and it had a Kinman style treble bleed, with the resistor in series with the capacitor, so I copied it in my 6120 where it worked really well.


The Kinman treble bleed is my personal preference as well. Initially I went with the simple cap only, but the tone gets very thin as the volume is rolled off. Between the Duncan and Kinman versions, I prefer the taper and generally consistent tone of the Kinman.


I use the TVJ treble bleed, which is the same as the Duncan. The only other treble bleed I have tried is the "50s wiring" on my tele, which isn't a straight-up treble bleed, it changes the way the pickups are loaded and therefore changes the taper. I was quite happy with the 50s treble bleed, and then I bought my Cabronita which someone had installed the TV Jones/Duncan type, and it worked so well in the Cabronita that I put it in the Hot Rod and my #1 tele (where they work well, but still not as well as in the Cabronita, for some reason)


So what are the component values of the new Gretsch setup?


Yes but it doesn't show what's in the treble bleed. I have tried the TV Jones version - actually a couple, as he has changed it over the years. I've tried many different permutations of treble bleed but the current Squeezebox thing is the best one I have used.

I can't find out from the Gretsch website whether this cap whatever it is thing is available hence my asking here. It would be perfect for my SSLVO. I don't want to try a bunch of alternatives. Been there, done that.


Looks like just a cap, like the simple version in post #2.

I may be all wet, but if the schematic is correct, it's just the cap in the circuit.


You're probably right, JD. It sure looks like just a cap. The schematic shows the values for the other caps but not this one. That's what makes me wonder if there is a resistor in there too. I'll probably never know! I asked a few dealers and they tell me it's not available separately. Sigh...

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