Modern Gretsch Guitars

Is Brian Setzer selling off some of his gear?


Enquiring minds want to know.


I heard rumors to that effect.


Anyone on the forum buy anything?

I bought one of the Gretsch Spectra Sonic C Melody Baritone Guitars. I'm digging it, I always wanted one because of loving the Mystery Train Live From Japan BSO DVD cover. I swear I watched that video of that song probably 30 times on youtube over the years. Mr. Winchester's bass solo is really special on that one!! The C Melody is really a fun instrument to play, creativity flows from it!

I also own a 1958 Duo Jet that came from Willie's American Guitar that belonged to Mr. Setzer for 26 years. The only two electric guitars I own were both owned by Brian Setzer which I really like!


He's out of work like the rest of us.


I need a new lead guitarist at church and a back up drummer, for our streaming service..maybe Setzer wants a job.. ? :)

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