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Gretsch Content on History Channel


There is a vintage Gretsch on American Pickers on the history channel as I speak (type). More info after I watch the show. Check it out.


One of the guitars found was a Gretsch 6120 made in 1958. I looked as if it needed some work, but George Gruhn estimated it to be worth about $8000. They also found some cool vintage fender amps.


Just watched that. That guitar looked great and the amps made me drool.


They passed over a Fender Bassman or Bandmaster Amp and a Kustom tuck and roll bass amp as well. The 1960 Fender Vibroverb had some issues and needed work and the 1950 Deluxe didn't get sold. the white cowboy case needed some work, but still had some value as well.


Anybody else notice the stinger headstock on the back of the 6120? That, with the nut that "slide to the side" might indicate some headstock repair. George Gruhn typically provides insurance appraisals, so I guess $8k would be right in that context, but that 6120, in it's current condition would never sell on Ebay for $8k. I think it's more like a $6500 prospect.


I saw that when it aired, Deed. It's amazing how much differently a player looks at a guitar than a collector.

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