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Installing Gretsch HS Filtertrons in my new Streamliner Gretsch


I purchased a Streamliner from a friend, beautiful Gretsch, but I dont like the sound of the pickups that came on it, didnt have that mellow Gretsch sound that I love. I put a set of Gretsch HS Filtertron Alnico pickups in it (after much blood , sweat, and tears to get them to fit so they could be raised and lowered). At first, I was getting a muddy sort of sound from them, even after raising or lowering them. I then turned down the volume on the bridge pickup just a small amount and the sound would change and sounded very good. If I turned both pickup volumes all the way up, they would sound muddy (not good), turn down the bridge pup and it would sound much better. Could it be that the electronics of the Streamliner are not a good match for the HS Filtertrons? It came with the new Broadtrons. Anyone have any ideas why it would do this?


Check your wiring against a Gretsch wiring diagram for the HS Filtertrons. You may have to do a little more changing, or else discover you made a wiring mistake.

my 2 cents :)


Go back and carefully check solder and wiring. While plugged in move wires, look for bad solder joints, look if a small drop of solder dropped onto or into a spot it should not be (around the pots) make sure there isn’t wires touching of metal touching that can cause shorts some where


Most of my Gretsch guitars have a "sweet spot" when it comes to the volume and tone knobs @ 8.5- 9 on the dial.

I think we've discussed that here before.


I bought a 3-pickup streamliner that had those horrible fake-tron humbuckers in it and replaced them with a SD Pychotron, TVJ T-Armond, and a SD P-90 Phat Cat, and all three sound great in that guitar. If there was a HB sized HiLo, I would've gone for that too. I'm not sure which model you have, but the wiring / pots in mine was fine with the new pickups. The HS Filter's should be fine too.

However, I will say that I took those old fake-trons and put them into an old Epi LP Special that was missing it's pickups and the same thing you describe above happens on that guitar... when the volume is at max, the sound is very muddy or even 100% off, back it off to "8 or 9" and they sound perfect. My guess is that the LP had a bad wire job (all on me).

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