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i wish to own this without purchasing it


It is handsome...for a Falcon.


A little over the top for my taste. For me a Falcon is white.


A little over the top for my taste. For me a Falcon is white.

– razzer10_4

I love that shade of blue, but I echo razzer10_4's sentiment. In my mind, Falcons are white (and Gold)!


Gary gets some banter around here...

I always wonder where all these choice guitars he profitably returns back to the general public come from?

And who succumbed to give that one up....nobody here I hope!


Well... it's certainly the right color.


While I generally prefer my Falcons white, I do find this particular shade fetching. When this model came out a few years back, I started a thread asking how everyone liked it and it was received very well. Some shades don't work for folks but this one seemed to.


This is my favorite non white Falcon.


I'd be happy with that strap and key chain.



I wish I could own a lot of things without purchasing. Nice blue Falcon!


I hate to admit it, but I've always found Falcons a bit on the ugly side. Too much bling, and the headstock is not very pretty.


i'm also generally in the "falcons are white" camp and don't generally prefer blue. and i wouldn't have gone with gold, on paper. but it's aged just so; the lake placid blue i usually don't care for has darkened into something between pelham and aged pelham blue (i think fender calls it ocean turquoise?) and with the softened gold and somehow way too orange binding, it takes a bunch of things that shouldn't work on paper and turned it into something quite nice.

i guess i feel this way about a few gretsches; things that shouldn't work that coalesce into magic.

i'd love to see a charcoal sparkle falcon, or something like the older grey that was used on the country clubs. but sometimes, even things i don't like just work on a falcon because it's a falcon, and falcons are inherently awesome. i guess i tend to like things that are just a bit outside of ordinary. like a gretsch.


It's very pretty. I wouldn't mind owning it. But I have to say I bought a new custom shop White Falcon for less than that. Maybe the price is negotiable.


Y'know, feetsir, if you could just find someone who would like to purchase the guitar without owning it, your wish could come true.


Here's a guitar I've always wanted to own, but don't want to pay the price tag.

Either headstock is okay with me.

Carlos Alomar introduced me to Alembic.

Addendum: The featured "Gretsch" in this topic is cool, but I've never had a great desire to get a hollow Gretsch. I did have a Falcon crush for awhile when I discovered Billy Duffy and "The Cult" back in '85.


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