Modern Gretsch Guitars

I really love this guitar


Don’t play it to often so here you go just adlibbed this through fender mustang 2 amp



Is that an EC?

– crowbone

Yes it is


As fate would have it, I saw one today at Quest Musique in the St Vital location. I was immediately struck by it's incredible beauty. Visually, the most 60s vibe I've seen in a guitar for some time. Sound of course was first class. Have twanq will travel. Playability is solid, but I personally find the frets filed somewhat lower than I prefer. Not a deal breaker though. 9 out of 10 for me...


What's not to love?!


What's not to love?!

– r0de0

This is now my favorite Gretsch player picture. Wil-l-l-bur-r-r!


I have to ask, why the long face?

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