Modern Gretsch Guitars

I just couldn’t put the Gretsch down this morning…


Ha! I had a dog who did that! So cute


I have made the joke more than once that she could be a dust mop, a pole instead of a leash, some EndDust, ....?

I thought about closing the case...

If she were a puppy it would be a good game. At 14 1/2yo, last time I tried to move her out of a guitar case she growled at me...


My dog would never fit---she has her own couch.


Perfect excuse to play longer!


There's a story that the prophet Muhammad once cut the sleeve off his robe rather than disturb his cat that was sleeping on it.


My daughter when she was young, use to sleep/nap in the big rectangle case for my Travis Bean Artist guitar when she would go to rehearsals with me. This was 1976. she was 3..She'd also sleep in my `58 6120's case as well..

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