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NGD inbound tomorrow

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Gretsch Guitars G2622T-P90 Limited Edition Streamliner Center Block P90 with Bigsby Gunmetal

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"Ship To: Weak-Willed Gretsch Guy"

That's most of us, ain't it?

Nice price and of course you know we need pic's when it arrives.

Congrats, Steve.


If there's one thing we can't resist,it's temptation!


I remember a Bonnie Raitt interview where she had to chide Ry Cooder for buying guitars for their color...and NOT their Tone or Playability.


For my '63 Fender Jazzmaster above, the priority was tone, playability, and honestly, affordability, over the CAR finish (previous owner's outstanding refin). It's one of two of my holy grail Fenders (other being my '63 Fender Jaguar).

To be honest, CAR is not my fave red - I actually get weak in the knees for a very good Fiesta Red - tomato soup color....mmmm, tomato soup...

Fender Johnny Marr Jaguar (refin'd by Keirn Hilleary at Lucky Pick Guitars here in Maryland).

Apologies for the self-derail!

Looking forward to the Streamliner! Those P90s and Gunmetal Blue finish haunt my dreams. I'm a little worried the neck might be a bit thin for me, but I'm hoping I can make do.


I'm a little worried the neck might be a bit thin for me

You can stick layers of packing tape to the back till you get the profile you want.


My hands would probably get sweaty(ier).

Years back, I thought about inventing an attachable/detachable neck thickness thingamajig for Modern C necks during the AVRI '62 Fenders period. Then, Fender started making mid-60s C necks (Johnny Marr Jag and American Vintage '65 period) and I was sated.

If this neck is as thin as Duo Jets or the 6121-1955 Roundup, I'll get by.


I'm a little worried the neck might be a bit thin for me

You can stick layers of packing tape to the back till you get the profile you want.

– Proteus

Howard Roberts used Bondo to good effect....


You can never have too many guitars. Especially Gretsch guitars.


That guitar invites weak-willed purchasing; it would be impolite not to accept.


Looks like a nice set of features. Photos are in order.


Congrats. Remember- pics ......


But I only have one, and only one Bass, and it's a 20th Annie...just a hint guilty on the color scheme...


Arrived safely! Sorry for the couple of blurry images. Played it unplugged, it's very nice. Plan to put some D'Addario 11s on her before amplifying her. Neck is slimmer than I prefer, but it's workable. Boy, I forgot how hefty these center block guitars are. Not necessarily a bad thing. She is definitely a looker with the beautiful gunmetal.

Couple of things I might want to try if they work to make it more Gretsch-ish, such as some gold G arrow knobs and definitely a Tru-Arc down the road. I also wonder if they should have gone with black pickup covers instead of the cream. I love cream pickup covers for P90s, but with the dark knobs and switch, just seems to make more sense for the black pup covers.

Also, didn't realize until after the pics were taken that I found the plastic film over the gold part of the Bigsby. It will be sans plastic film for a vid demo.


Very nice. Congrats! Love the look ...

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