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How to order a CS Falcon?


Anyone knows how to contact the Custom shop?


I'm sure there are other ways, but rocky at street sounds is a place.


It’s my understanding that CS guitars have to be ordered through a CS dealer. There are several such (listed in the CS page at Gretsch guitars website), but I’d go through Street Sounds as well. Rocky’s great to work with.


So share.What's your dream Falcon to be?


i always wondered if you could just show up at fender and do it in person. or contact them somehow. probably not, but i would like to consult with the guys first and get some solid advice and guidance, rather than sending in a jumble of dumb ass specs that don't work.

and then give me a huge discount and let me pay for it on layaway


As I remember...of what I understood...from the last time I talked to Powers That Be about this, once you get the process started with an auth CS dealer, you do end up in consultation with Cap'n Stern and/or the necessary personnel in the CS. It's an interactive and iterative enough process that they clearly understand what you want, and advise if it's realistic, would sound like dog or present other issues. They may make suggestions. I don't think anything actually gets built till both sides are pretty sure they understand each other.

And since there's a long wait time (18 months when I last asked, may be different now), there's plenty of time to work all this out.

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