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Hot Rod chrome/nickel mix bother anyone else?


Hi all Just got in an '05 Setzer Hot Rod (my first) and really like it except for the nickel hardware combined with the chrome pickups. Maybe I'm too picky. Has anyone out there went all nickel or all chrome on one of these? Thanks!


Not me. I don’t see much difference between chrome, nickel or stainless, all of which (I think) are on one of my Gretschs, along with an aluminum Bigsby. Doesn’t bother me.


Just add a touch of gold and you’re set!


I have a brass tru arc on my hot rod, now that mixes it up!


A regular Bigsby is a mix of polished aluminum, polished steel, and nickel plated steel good luck!


Cant stand mixed metals. Nickel is so much warmer than chrome its like a whole different vibe. You’ll almost hear the difference.


I've never really noticed the difference. Of course my 6120 has all of those plus gold and brass, not to mention both slot-head and philips-head screws too


I have to admit,that chrome mixed with nickel bugs me too. Ridiculous yes,but its the chrome that is the culprit really-- all nickel is what I like.

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