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Hello all. New member here. I recently acquired a Gretsch that has Historic Series on the label inside the F hole. Model #G3131 with serial number GP02100074. I believe this means 10th month of 2002, number 74. The P may be Peerless, could the G be Gretsch? Anyway, cool guitar. Pickups have been changed and has Brian Setzer type dice in place of original knobs. I was told it was not a regular production model, but for promotion to certain dealers. You guys will know a lot more than me, so please, any and all info welcome. Thanks.


Welcome John--

Most of the details you have are correct, but I'll fill you in a little more.

This was indeed a dealer-only promo model, which is why you don't see very many of them. It was made by Peerless in Korea, and your decoding of the serial number is also correct. The 4-digit sequence number (0074) does indicate a special or limited run, as Gretsch usually reserves the "00" prefix for such builds (prototypes, limited runs, factory one-offs, etc).

Not sure if you changed the pickups or if it was done by a previous owner, but it looks like they put in some sort of P-90 variant in the neck and a Gretsch Dynasonic in the bridge-- chasing the Eddie Cochran sound, no doubt. This is probably a better pickup arrangement than the original, which was stock Gretschbuckers-- not terrible pickups, but pretty bland and not indicative of a classic Gretsch "sound".

A few more details so you can update your database entry.-- The fretboard is rosewood, and the Bigsby is actually a B700 model, not a B7 or B70. The stock nut is Delrin, and the tuning machines are stock generics. The stock bridge is a tune-o-matic mounted on a floating rosewood base.

The G3131 was unofficially dubbed as a "Streamliner" model (not to be confused with the current "Streamliner" product line). While there weren't very many made, they are usually not highly sought by collectors-- as is the case for most of the defunct Historic series. Part of this may be due to the fact that the actual build was used for several guitars produced by Peerless-- apart from the G3131 version, they were also branded as the Carlo Robelli CRB-1955 (a house brand for Sam Ash Music), an early incarnation of the Peavey Rockingham, as well as Peerless' own "Gigmaster Custom" model. All of these guitars are essentially the same build with different brand-specific window dressing.

Even so, the build quality on the Historic models is generally a step above what the Electromatic series was at that time. I have one of the Carlo Robelli builds, and it's a pretty sweet-playing instrument.

Hope this helps shine a little more light on this Gretsch stepchild.


Great info, Rob. It is an odd duck among the Historics.

Johnpg, welcome and enjoy it. I’m a fan of the Historic series and my favorite Gretsch happens to be one (G3967).


Thanks for the great info. The pick ups were changed before I got it and the neck pu is indeed a P-90 variant. They both sound pretty good, especially through the old Tremolux. However, they may get changed in the future. It really is a nice guitar and a nice addition. Thanks again.


I also have the Robelli version, and put TV Jones Classics in it - which transformed it from a pretty nice guitar to fabulous. I have a good number of Gretschs, but not a Falcon - because I don't like the bling and the headstock. (I'm shallow like that.)

The 17" deep-body Robelli with the TVJ pups is kinda my Falcon. Peerless generally does peerless work, and no matter what name is on this model, it's a fine guitar. With those pickups, yours is bound to be killer. It's all the better with Gretsch on the headstock.

My guitar can be seen in these threads from the GDP's back pages.

Welcome to the Gretsch Pages, where the truth is out there and can set you free. (Be assured that all the info Tartan Phantom provided is gospel truth.)


I have a 3161. I changed the pickups out for a set of TV Jones fiters, and added a Bigsby. It is an exceptional guitar and definitely a keeper.


For comparison, here are some static and action pics of my Robelli version-- only real difference is the headstock and the stock knobs-- I added a Tru Arc aluminum bridge to mine. Since these pics were taken, I have strung the Bigsby over the tension bar, and it operates with no problem, and with much more response.


Thanks again to all! Love the action shots.


Great stuff everybody thank you for the lesson.

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