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Hippie disease attacks in the lower bout. Possibly terminal


oh, no, can't blame Floyds on hippies. that shiz came about well after "hippie" had become nothing but a signifier for anybody who had hair, smoked dope, or didn't want to join the Army.

– macphisto

I blame everything on hippies.


Jimmie Webster would have loved a Floyd Rose...


can't blame Ronald Reagan on us. that was you straight people.


i blame everything on people who hated hippies...the Vietnam War, Kent State, Nixon, the War Against Some Drugs, Bush 1 and 2, endless war in the Middle East, Trump.


and just to finish up, Billy Zoom is an obnoxious, self-absorbed dick so full of himself that he couldn't stop smirking when onstage with X, and thinks he's the epitome of cool when in fact all he is is someone who hasn't updated his shiz since the 1950's. he's not even that great in his rockabilly wheelhouse, and X was not a good band even by the grossly devalued standard of LA punk, the worst branch of punk to ever exist. eff that guy.


Sheesh, Mac. I was joking. And that attack on BZ is waaaayyyy over the top.


no, it's not; it sums him up perfectly. you don't get to engage in hate speech against me and mine without getting a well-deserved slap in the face. get it straight, or i'll start telling y'all how scheiss your lives are.


another butthead conservative with nothing to say. go advertise your business, which is pretty much all you ever do here, and stfu. now let's get a couple more people in here that i've thought of as arseholes for years, so i can give it to them, too.

btw, i still remember when you blew a gasket because we had the California Roundup near the dates of the Nashville Roundup. you didn't realize back then that you are nothing special, so it's not surprising that you still don't get it now. go paint someone's worthless faux Strat purple and leave me the eff alone.


Another crossdresser.

– Curt Wilson

That's helpful. Mac has a point. Apply these terms to , say, Hispanic Americans and see where it gets you.


pre-CISELY. i'm wondering how well Strummerson would take it as a "joke" if someone said "i blame everything on the Jews"? i've been putting up with this BS for 50 years, and i'm not having it any more.

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