Modern Gretsch Guitars

hey electromatic dudes


Oh he's at it again, eh? Or should I say still.

Members here have messaged him telling him what he really has but he's ignoring us.

Oh well.


What's strange is that if you look at his other items, it's mostly low-dollar reasonably priced stuff. Then there's this. I thought for sure it was just a mistake in the listing, but I know I've messaged him and I guess others have too, so maybe not. Weird.


You guys just don't realize how collectible and valuable those guitars are.


He’s probably just trying to recoup the $10k he paid for it.


Hey look! He's coming down!

This one just get stranger and stranger.

– Proteus

Hey.. it's only $10k now! If he cuts the asking price in-half every month, he'll have it set appropriately sometime around August.


Or September - depending on whether this was March's or April's price cut.

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