Modern Gretsch Guitars

Here’s my Gretsch


Nice one. Congrats. Am I assuming correctly that it only took you almost 8 years to get a Gretsch?


The bound black pickguard fits perfectly with the guitar. Nice!


love it. i've been considering a Rose now that they've discontinued the '58 CG.


The Filter’Tron Rose is the perennial sleeper of the pro line - a perfect spec for a straight-ahead Gretsch hollowbody with traditional features but none of the idiosyncratic Jimmie Webster bits.

Gotta love red, too.

And I’m not going to argue with anyone who can sling a Twin up onto an amp stand.


seriously. i absolutely cannot comprehend how i used to hump my Twin up eight flights of stairs to get to the loft above my apartment. i wouldn't even be able to lift it as high as my waist now. maybe i just had more adrenaline then?


Gotta agree with Proteus, the dead-standard "base" 6119 is such a sleeper. And it's just about the only way to get a 25.5" scale on a smaller body. So much win, so overlooked.


Dig the black pickguard and the black bezels! They really compliment the red body!

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