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Here she is


Like I said in my topic "Need Amp Advice" I am a bass player that finally got his dream guitar. Well here she is, a 2011 G6120 1959LTV. I think the pickups have been changed. Instead of the regular TV Jones FilterTrons this one has the Brian Setzer TV Jones pickups. Not sure what the difference is but I do like Brian Setzer's playing. Great condition and I am as happy as a clam. Now I just have to learn to play and yes, I did bring it into the bathroom.


Once you plug it in and find the tones you're looking for, it won't matter what the pups are! They're both TV's so I don't think there's a world of difference in how they perform.


congratulations ! nice guitar !

there's another GDP member there in Baton Rouge. his screen name on here is "sroux". again, congrats on the new guitar.


Congratulations on a stunning guitar. You will not be disappointed.

I’m from Lafayette. Let’s get together soon.


That's a stunner!



Great guitar choice. Enjoy!


I don't own an orange gretsch anymore, but I always get excited when I see someone post one. Congratulations!


Great looking guitar, and welcome to the Guitar World! I wish you success in your guitar adventure.


Congratulations, one beutiful guitar!


Congrats ,those 59LTV's are great geets,i love mine!

I see your tuners have been changed too.


You really don't know how to play?!?

See, the good thing about getting such a top guitar for someone who doesn't know how to play is that because of that guitar THEY WILL LEARN HOW TO PLAY! You will not let that thing just collect dust.


I have only been to Lafayette a few times but next time I head that way I will get in touch!


Thanks for all the comments guys. I suspected the tuners may have been changed as well but they are Sperzels which I have heard good things about from guitar players I know. And no, she will not be collecting any dust. I don't know a single chord yet but I do know the notes along the neck from playing bass as well as some basic music theory, so I figure that gives me at least some insight into playing the guitar. I will tell you though, this thing kinda feels like a toy compared to my Precision bass. Such a short neck, tiny little strings so close together etc. This will take some getting used to. I just need to get some picks, a guitar stand, strings and such and I will be in business. Oh yeah-- and an amp.


My advice to new players (and best advice ever given to me about learning guitar):

Most important thing to help any new player learn how to play is not a chord book, not a good teacher, not instructional videos... Most important learning tool is a ten dollar guitar stand. Buy one. You will become a better player quicker because of that stand. Let me 'splain.

Keep the guitar on the stand, not in the case under the bed. A readily available guitar will be more apt to be played than one that is tucked away in its case under your bed. Every time you walk by your guitar on its stand, you will be apt to play it, strum some new chord you learned. You sit down on the couch to watch TV...look your guitar is right there on the'll pick it up and work on some new chords.

Believe it -- a ten dollar guitar stand will make you a better player faster than any guitar learning tool ever will.


Exactly Sanctuary. That is how I learned bass. I kept it on a stand next to the couch and every time I sat down there she was so of course I would pick her up and noodle around. Even if I wasn't playing anything in particular the bass was in my hands and eventually it felt really comforting just to be holding it. I am sure this will be no different.


Congrats. Those LTV's are my favorite modern Gretsch made. Wonderful instruments.


A looker and a player....Nice going and congrats GumboKing! I used a chord book once when I started playing. I was interested in soloing but didn't anything so I tried everything. How I play makes no sense starting with the fact I have small hands and love thick neck profiles with a wide neck. Now I think I make some pretty decent music, always am learning and have as much fun as when I started.

Have fun making "no sense" also but enjoying the journey and excitement as you progress, learn, and really find your style. The journey is fun!

I wish I was in Baton Rouge right now! Actually dying for some fresh water catfish from Lake Des Allemands. I made a Catfish Courtbuoillon last week and added some shrimp to the sauce. It came out good as I was able to get my hands on some cans of Rotel tomatoes.

Eat, play that beautiful guitar and have fun!


NJDevil-- Funny you should mention Des Allemands. That is where I grew up. They don't call it the "Catfish Capital of the Universe" for nothing. A New York boy making catfish courtbouillon? Now that is something you don't see every day!


If you do get a cheap stand,put a towel where the guitar and neck sit,cause these LTV's are lacquer and will mark ,either that or get a good stand that won't mark.

I speak from experience,marked a few of my Gretsches and Rickenbacker's using cheap stands.


Good to know. Do you have any stand suggestions?

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