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Help Identifying Bass


I have this 1991 (according to the serial number) Gretsch bass. How do I figure out the model number, etc.? I've checked online and the closest thing I found was a Tennessee Broadkaster bass, but this one doesn't say "Broadkaster" on the pick guard.

I'm thinking about selling it, but I'm not sure what the value is.

Any help is much appreciated! Thanks!


I don't know the 'new' Gretsch models -- but I think they started in 1990. There weren't too many models then so there could have been maybe just done bass in the entire lineup. Also they used the Broadkaster name for a quite few models


Is the model number not listed on the body label visible through the f-holes?


Cool bass! It appears to be a G6119B Broadkaster Bass.

As Mr Phantom noted above, was there not a label inside the upper sound hole stating model number? If so, but the model number is NOT identified, that tells one story. If the label is missing, that tell an all together different story. Curious to know if you're the original owner.

Would help to see close up images of...

  • Back of headstock
  • Headstock face
  • Neck heel
  • Serial Number
  • Pickups
  • Inside of body through upper sound hole.

You stated the end game here was to sell your bass. Wouldn't be a bad idea to include the above requested images when you go to sell it.

Regarding the pick guard without "Broadkaster" noted, there are several possible explainations which depend on how my previous questions are answered.

If 100% confirmed this instrument was indeed produced pre-FMIC's involvement, please know there will be NO critical information available from Gretsch Guitar Headquarters other than whats found on the internet or in print.

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