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HELP. Bridge problems on my new g5420t


Just received my new 5420.

Problem. The b and e strings wont stay in the saddle.

I am thinking i will get a space control bridge.

Two questions.

  1. What might i do to keep em in the saddle?

  2. Whats the pin spread and thumb wheel size so i can get the right space control bridge?

Thanks y'all


The notches in the saddles are either not there or not deep enough.


If you are going to change bridges, get a Tru-Arc serpentune.


You could contact whomever is was that you bought the guitar from. It probably just needs to have the notches filed a bit deeper. That's a frustrating problem that you shouldn't have to experience on a brand new guitar. If you ordered it from Musicians Friend or Guitar Center they will replace the guitar within a set time period (45 days). Sometimes the chrome plating can be a bit aggressive and fill the bridge piece notches in.


I agree that the warranty issue should be taken care of by the seller. Pic's?


Even correct notches won't turn the china stock bridge on many Gretsches in a good bridge. Save your tone (and solve your problem) and get a Truarc or a dBridge.


You almost definitely do not want a Space Control.


I agree that you should deal with whoever you got the guitar from. Slots not cut deep enough to keep the strings in the saddles is a serious quality issue. Grinding away the chrome plating to deepen them is a bad idea as the string will not slide smoothly as it will when plated. Chrome is smooth and hard and the steel beneath isn't.

A question: Why of all the choices available, would you choose a Space Control bridge to replace the AOM it came with???? A lot of folks don't like AOM - I do - but they have the important feature of having individually adjustable saddles so the guitar can be intonated. The space control has no adjustment other than angling the base but even that's is a very poor method of intonation. If you mute the lower 3 strings with the heel of your hand then the space control will be very uncomfortable. Many around here call them tone/resonance robbers.

If you want the best, then order a Tru Arc Serpentune (correct spelling). I still recommend you deal with the dealer you got the guitar from to solve the issue. I suggest you want the bridge replaced then play it awhile to see if you still think it needs replacing.


File the grooves a little deeper. Space Control bridges SUCK!


...if you want the tonal advantage of a massive bar bridge AND perfect intonation buy a dBridge. Well cutted slots inclusive.


...if you want the tonal advantage of a massive bar bridge AND perfect intonation buy a dBridge. Well cutted slots inclusive.

– Stefan

This definetly looks interesting.

I will probably but multiple iterations ans as i have multiple gretschs hear to what i like.

Thanks for the info.

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