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Headstock heavy 12 string


Love my 5422-12. Only nagging issue is that the headstock is so heavy that half of the effort in playing it is holding the neck up. I use a wide not so slippery suede strap. Anyone ever add some counterweight?


Les Paul added weight when he broke his elbow. It worked for him. That'd be hard on my back, tho.

Guys used to tie their straps on at the headstock with a string---it's an old acoustic style, but it may solve your dilemma.


I have an Eastwood like that. Open back tuners might be a good option or having a weight on the butt end of your strap. I had a Man double neck one. It had open back tuners. i though I'm going to put some nice sealed mini tuners on this guitar. I did and it was pretty well unusable it was so headstock heavy. I swapped the old ones back right away.


It's less of an issue, if you tie the strap to the headstock, old school.


Yes, I added weight and "bling," I'd guess it would be called, to several of my guitars. Drapery looks cool.

Photos coming...



I would think this would be common, with 12 string guitars. I hope you get it figured out.


I have a Mossman acoustic 12 that has 12 Rotomatics on it. Talk about neck heavy. I replaced the tuner buttons with ebony and that made a huge difference. Unfortunately, I don't think you have that option.


My 12-string doesn't have that problem. It is big, thick mahogany - heavy-ish but very manageable. 0 neck dive.


My unison twelvesby doesn't have that problem, even with the long shape of the headstock. But it's also pretty heavy.


Moving the strap button to the heel of the neck helped on my double-cut 2910 jet and the ultra light 460.


I've had a few neck heavy guitars in the past and thought a possible solution to the problem would be a strap with a length of material beyond where it is attached to the guitar. That section would have a pouch where small weights could be placed to even things out. Never tried it and don't know if it would work.

I hope you get it sorted out to your satisfaction.


Moving the strap button to the heel of the neck helped on my double-cut 2910 jet and the ultra light 460.

– NJBob

My slowly inflating belly has made neck heel strap buttons a no-go unless I wear the guitar up to my armpit or down to my knees.


I highly recommend a strap from this fellow on Reverb:

I have 3 of his straps now. Hand made. I struggled for a very long time with a neck diver and this solved the problem.

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