Modern Gretsch Guitars

Heads Up! 15% GC Coupon works on “Platinum” Models


Just a heads-up that this week's GC President's Sale Coupon code will work on Gretsch guitars (but not drums), including "Platinum" models.

I just pre-ordered an '89 Sparkle-Jet and saved $400!


I think they fixed it I can't even get it to work on an Epiphone.


Epiphone is on the excluded list, but Gretsch isn't. Looks like you could use it on a Guild too...

Exclusions and limitations: Not to be used in conjunction with other coupons, promotions or offers. No cash value. Excludes discounted and clearance items, price matches, used/vintage, tax/shipping charges, scratch and dent, Gift Cards and musician services (Pro Coverage, Repairs, Rentals and Lessons).

Products from the following manufacturers are excluded: A Designs, ADAM, ADAM Audio, Aguilar, Allen & Heath, Alvarez, Ampeg, Antelope Audio, Apogee, Apple, Arturia, Ashdown, Ashly Audio, Avantone, Avid, B.C. Rich, BAE, Barefoot Sound, Beetronics FX, Blackstar, Bogner, Bose, Boss, Burl Audio, Caparison Guitars, Catalinbread, Chapman, Crate, Cusack Music, D'Angelico, D.W. Fearn, Dangerous Music, Dean Markley, Deering, Diezel, Duesenberg USA, Earthquaker Devices, Earthworks, Egnater, Electro-Harmonix, Elysia, Empress Effects, Epiphone, Ernie Ball Music Man, EVH, Fender, Fender Custom Shop, FOCAL, Focusrite, Fostex, Friedman, Fulltone, Fulltone Custom Shop, G&L, Gallien-Krueger, Gibraltar, Gibson, Gibson Custom, Godin, Golden Age Project, GoPro, Gretsch Drums, Hagstrom, HeadRush, Heritage Audio, iConnectivity, ISP Technologies, iZotope, JHS Pedals, Johnson, Kat Percussion, Keeley, Kemper, Korg, Kramer, Kurzweil, Kush Audio, LaChapell Audio, Lag Guitars, Lakland, Lewitt Audio Microphones, Lindell Audio, Lucida, Mackie, Manley, Marshall, Martin, Meris, METRIC HALO, Millennia, Milkman Sound, Mojave Audio, Moog, Morgan Amplification, MOTU, Native Instruments, Neumann, Nord, Novation, Orange Amplifiers, Paiste, Pettyjohn Electronics, Phoenix Audio, Primacoustic, PRS, Palatino, QSC, Radial Engineering, Randall, Rane, Reloop, Reverend, RME, Rockett Pedals, Roland, Roland Cloud, Royer, Ruach Music, S.E. Shires, Savannah, se Electronics, Seagull, Sennheiser, Sequential, SERATO, Shure, Slate Digital, Slate Pro Audio, Slate Media Technology, Softube, Soldano, Soundbrenner, Source Audio, Spector, Squier, Steinberger, Steven Slate Audio, Steven Slate Drums, Strandberg, Studiologic, Suhr, Supro, Suzuki, Synergy, Taylor, Teenage Engineering, Telefunken, Teletronix, The Loar, Toft Audio Designs, Tone King, Tube-Tech, Two Notes Audio Engineering, VHT, Voodoo Lab, Vox, Walrus Audio, Wampler, Warm Audio, Washburn, WESTONE, Xotic Effects, Yamaha, ZT, Zvex

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