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Hot rods and music tonight in new jersey burger joint.


My dads cousin and her hubby areplaying at the Evergreen dairy bar located on route 70 in New Jersey a few miles east of 73 they will be playing music and they will be hot rods and you can get fat eating hamburgers and ice cream 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM it will be fun if you got time swing on by. 1643 NJ-70, Southampton Township, NJ 08088


Looks like fun!


Light on the rods because of possible (probable) thunderstorms. I will post a few pics after I stuff my face.


A few snaps before fast thunderstorm.


After nasty t storm. No power. Debbie and Clyde used battery powered bass amp to play on the dark diner. Storm had very high wind and power is still out for many.


And lest i forget, Clyde and Debbie.


Cool photos . . . I especially enjoyed the pickup truck.


I have a Chevy HHR. That truck is where they got the design idea for the car. Sadly, I had a '56 Chevy and a '65 Chevelle before they were considered classics. Debbie and Clyde sound like troupers. Battery amp means the show will go on.


I'm partial to the dirty 55....dirty being an endearment of a cool looking no nonsense car...that interior though....



– munman

I thought that Chrysler's had the six-pack option.


WHY does everything that happens in Jersey have to happen in SOUTH jersey ?!?!?!


It's not that big of a state!

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