Modern Gretsch Guitars

Guitars are Back! - NYTimes article link


Good article. Good to hear the young folks are discovering music again!

Best line in the article "soloing into their 70's". Makes me hopeful (I am a geezer!).


If it's about an uptick in sales of guitars, I'm glad my consumerist acquisitive lust has played a role in propping up the market. I'm no JP Morgan, but I've done what I could.


I'm sure many of us would like to hear how Gretsch has been doing the past few months.


Great article and thanks for sharing!


It's all my kids, I tells ya!


It’s a crazy time for the repair shops.


No wonder the Labor Day sales stunk.


Gotta admit I bought into all the 'end of the guitar era' talk of the last few years. Or at at the very least, the end of the hi-end vintage guitar $cene, as the old folks like me age out of it and the kids for the most part don't give a damn about 1950s/60s anything.

Live music scene was sort of hurting before this, (the Netflix effect) but now people have seen life without it and are reconsidering.

Maybe this is temporary resurgence in guitar interest -- a phase. Still it's good for the industry so no downside there.

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