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Grover Sta-Tite Tuner Problem - Please Help


Greetings to all.

I have a 6120-1959 LTV which came stock with Grover Sta-Tite tuners (At least I think that's what they are).

My A string tuner makes an audible click sound when I tighten the string. After the click, I can feel the gear jump forward. None of the the other tuners do this. It drives me crazy.

I don't play the guitar as much as I should. This is part of the reason.

Have any of you had any experiences like this? Is there a fix? Should I replace the tuners?

I have been reading up on Grover Sta-Tite 18:1 tuners. They seem to be will reviewed and most likely a drop-in solution for this guitar. Honestly, I am not sure if the 18:1 tuners would be different than what I have now.

I got this 6120 new in 2011. Do any of you know the gear ratio of the Grover tuners that are on it now?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.



Contact Grover Customer Service. Shoot them an email with the specifics.

Doesn't hurt to shoot them a pic of the tuner either.


Thats annoying. Those are great tuners, maybe you can get customer services to come through.


Could be a few things. It could be a tight nut on the A string - that would have similar symptoms to those you describe. Could also be that the tuner has received a knock at some time - maybe even before you got the guitar - and is a little bent somewhere, even if the button is straight.

Either way the easy solution is to simply replace the tuner. I'd probably replace the set at the same time and if possible with a finer ratio as you have suggested. I don't see why you haven't already! I would have. I have a Duo Jet with those same tuners and wouldn't mind something a bit better too. It doesn't take very long to change a set of tuners and you don't really need special tools.


Never had any issues at least with the 18:1 Grovers I use. Let us know what goes down.


Thanks for the comments. I will be replacing the tuners. I'll let you know how it all works out. I've got a couple other projects in line first.



You want the most gear reduction you can get, and a skinny post.


You want the most gear reduction you can get, and a skinny post.

– Billy Zoom

BZ, did you ever get time to skinny up those Imperial posts?


I thought that these weren't a direct drop in for the ones that come fitted on Terada made Gretsch guitars?


Omitted the original comment from DCB.

Never had any issues at least with the 18:1 Grovers I use.

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