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Groovy Paisley Jet


Had a friend in the '60s who had a Telecaster with a similar pattern. I believe they were a limited edition at the time.


Woah! Way more classy and cool than any paisley Tele (with apologies to Brad). I like it.


How often does a guitar match your last name perfectly?


very, very cool... love it!


Something I never even thought would exist.....a paisley burst! Does look rather cool though.


I was never a particular fan of the paisley Teles, but this treatment with the rich wine red and the fade looks crazy classy.

And, I can see in one of the pics, a Tru-Arc (the Official Bar Bridge of the Gretsch Custom Shop, I’m proud to say)! It’s nice to see it on such a striking piece.

Sorry, couldn’t help mentioning it.


Love it, I do feel the pick guard and pickup surrounds don’t quite work with the paisley. It would look tasty without a pick guard and the surrounds, maybe Dyna’sonics.

I’d like to see one done this way.


Looks better in this pic.... in the above picture the pickguard looks white.


We're proud of you, Tim.

– Deed Eddy

And thankful too! Had a 2 1/2 hour practice session tonight with my 5126. There was some soloing that required precision and the Tru-Arc reminds my picking hand to not float around!

Oh yeah, cool guitar too!


My paisley Tele has been with me for a long long time. Looks like Stern has really used the original pattern. In some ways, for Players, the FMIC-Gretsch marriage is cool. On the other hand, I prefer older original color schemes, by Brand. ( but hey Norm, it’s 2018) I must say though, that is one gorgeous Jet! Enjoy


Yep I think the picguards have to go on those paisley jets. Imagine a paisley tele with a picguard on it? It just takes away from the look.... of course this is just all my opinion.

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