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Recently got hold of a Gretsch Streamliner. It looks great. However, tuning problems don't really make it gig reliable. I have read that the nut slots could be the problem........I'm busy looking into it. The other thing is the actual sound. I find it very "honky" around the mid-range. I use a Boss GT100 straight into the desk. Does anybody have a similar setup with some good patches for this guitar. Or would I be better off replacing the Broadtron pickups with something else? Cheers in advance, Colin


The nut is nearly always the culprit. Good place to start. Let us know how it turns out.


I can give you some general advice for using the GT-100.

Most guitars sound better if you turn the input level down. Pedals in front of the GT-100 also sound better when you do this. Some people turn it down to -20db, I have mine at -12db.

System->Input->Input Level.

Start your patches from scratch. Turn everything off, choose an amp, get the amp to sound good, then add one or two effects.

If you are going to try to use the built in patches, set the global EQ so it sounds right with at least one patch.

System->Global EQ

I will post one of my patches, but I’m using it with a very different guitar, so you may want to mess with the tone settings. [Give me a few minutes.]

I would love to have thread where people talk about these units, they don't seem to be very popular. I have a GT-001, an old VF-1 and a BR-600, and I had a GS-10 for a short amount of time.

Here’s a patch for the bass that they had in the VF-1 called Clean Heads that I have been able to recreate in all the units.

Compressor, Type Boss Comp, Sustain 45, Attack 15, Level 80, Tone 0

Parametric EQ, Low Gain +6 db, Hi Gain +6 db, Level 0 db, Low Mid Frequency 630hz, Low Mid Q 1, Low Mid Gain -9 db, Hi Mid Frequency 3.15hz, Hi Mid Q 2, Hi Mid Gain +7 db

Noise Supressor [turn it off], Threshold 100, Release 25

Here’s the patch I use most of the time, trying to sound like a Super Reverb, I fool around with the effects. I noticed a problem turning on the OD and Rotary, you have to back off the drive on the OD and turn down presence, maybe change it to Warm OD.

[I’ve now figured out the problem, when you turn the OD on it is driving the preamp too hard and that makes it too fizzy for the rotary, so instead of the below, in OD set Drive 50, in PrA set Gain 30, Level 100.]

OD [off], Type Natural OD, Drive 100, Tone +2, E.Level 25, Bottom +25

PrA, Type Cln Twin, Gain 62, T-Comp 0, Level 78, Bass 100, Middle 85, Treble 70, Pres 45, Bright Off, Gain.Sw Middle, Sp.Typ Custom, Mic.Typ Dyn57, Mic.Dis Off Mic, Mic.Pos 2cm, Mic.Lvl 100, Dir.Mix 0, Sp.Size 10, Sp.Num x4, Cabinet Open, Color,L 0, Color.H 0

[Tone control settings follow this method I was taught, set them all to full, turn down what you have too much of]

Reverb, Type Spring, Time 2.9s, Pre.Dly 0ms, E.Level 26, Lo.Cut 250hz, Hi.Cut 4.00khz, Density 4, Dir.Mix 100, Spring 0

FX1 and FX2 are off, I’ve got FX1 set to Tremolo Medium and FX2 set to Rotary 2 Slow.


I have a GT100 and have used it with a pair of Gretsch cheapbuckers that I mounted on a Hofner Committee. The combination is OK IMO but not very versatile or very startling tone-wise. If you have no joy, then I would recommend fitting a pair of Entwistle Nashville's as a cheap and excellent value-for-money solution.. As the above poster (hammerhands) says, the global eq is the best thing for getting rid of the over-middy tone of the cheapbuckers.. It voices the whole GT100 and is very powerful.

IMO this should be your first port of call in your setup.. Use the global eq as your foundation, and add everything else (like the different pre-amps eq) ONLY after you set up a decent straight (non-effected) sound.
Maybe add a little more top and bottom end to the global eq than you think need, and try that, so that you can then use the different preamp control models to boost less of the frequencies that you need to, instead of boosting them a lot. Also make sure that your gain staging is set up correctly into your desk.


Brilliant advice guys. I'm on it. Are you using amps or going direct into the PA?




I just use my GT-001 with headphones on the couch.


Moving on from the GT 100, which Streamliner did you get? Pics perhaps?


Got the G2420T GD. New nut on the way, so hopefully it will put an end to the tuning problems. Can't wait to play it on stage.

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