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Gretsch Silver Jet 6129


Hi, I've seen this and it's only 50 miles away. Owner very vague and seems to think it's early 90s but ripped the pickups out. Thinking of buying as upgrade to electromatic but would appreciate any advice. Thanks


Early '90's sounds right, judging by the headstock shape, tuners and control cavity. There seems to be a gold number on the control cavity cover. If it says "JT91xxxxxx" it was made in '91. These are heavier than the new ones but are well made. I can't comment on how much better it would be than a new Electromatic, but it would be better than the ones made a few years ago.


Ok thanks. Was thinking of putting some TVJ T-almonds in it. Do you think price is reasonable?


If it were US I'd say no. But UK/Yurp is always more. 800 quid is what, $1000 US? The T'Armonds would sound great in it.


I have a 1996 6129. The neck wants to dive a bit but otherwise it's an incredible guitar. I tried to sell it a few times but changed my mind after playing it for a few moments. It is a must have guitar. It's just so easy to play all the way up the board. Plus, it's easy on the eyes.

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