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Gretsch resonator?


I would like to get some opinions on using a Gretsch g9220 as an acoustic /electric in a band setting. I would be using it in standard tuning for a handful of songs. My band has a fiddle player and I think the combo could be magic, but I have never played a resonator and was wondering how versatile a sound they have. I was considering a Martin acoustic/ electric low end version about $699 but I do dig the look and vibe of the new resonators from Gretsch. What do ya think?


Resonators have a very metallic sound to them. Using it as a replacement for a steel string guitar isn't really going to work well in my opinion. They sound better for slide work than anything else. Getting too "strummy" results in a harsh sound to my ears.


They can also be finger-picked with success, in my opinion. But, I do tend to agree that they can be harsh when strummed. Also, the material clearly makes a difference in whether it makes for a good fit or not.


I guess there is a reason you don't hear people strumming a resonator too often.



Played spanish style (like a regular guitar) DelVecchios sound best but are too hard to get and too crappily built. Reso's work best as a slide or bluegrass style instrument. Too raucus for strumming


I just looked a the Gretsch roots collection again and watched the videos, I think the g9220 sounds nice strummed along with the square neck resonator and with the banjo. Hard to tell if they are playing unplugged, seems like he must be? I wonder how different the amplified sound is?


Have a look at the Airline Folkstar reissue by Eastwood. It may be what you are looking for.


Any reso players out there? Seems like Mark Knopfler does a fair amount of strumming on an old national resonator. Just looking for some more opinions. I guess I don't like the answers so far 8-o. I suppose I am trying to talk myself into buying one. Most of the time I do a fair amount of finger picking, ala Knopfler (no finger or thumb picks that is) which creates a softer attack. Anyway.................................. :P


Any reso players out there?..."

I have an old RegalDobro but I play it with a steel, bluegrassed.

Delta blues guys like the single cone Nationals. (think Taj Mahal) The resonators with the spider bridge tend to have a deeper tone. Taj's guitar sounds better than most but it's a matter of personal taste and I don't care for a reso in a rhythm application

but that's just me


I appreciate the opinions, being a lefty makes it tough to try certain things out before buying.

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