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Gretsch New Jet (6114) fretboard radius?


Does anybody happen to know what the fretboard radius is on a Gretsch New Jet? I am experiencing some really terrible buzzing in the bridge on mine and want to order a Compton bridge for it but I don’t know what the fretboard radius is or how to measure it. I have searched and searched online for the specs for the guitar but it’s hard to find anything about it.


There is a downloadable radius gauge available with four common sizes; if you do a search you should find it.


I used to own the red version of the 6114. I'm pretty certain it was a 12" radius. Regret selling it even now...


Tru Arc will already know the radius, If you use them.


I used to own one and also believe the radius is 12".


glad to see you found your answer. I was out of town and without my computer. welcome to the "New Jet" Club. they're great guitars. I love mine.

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