Modern Gretsch Guitars

Gretsch Knobs and POT shaft



Do all Prolines have POTS with the USA shaft size of 1/4"

Also, has anyone ever seen or know if these are made. Chrome knobs with the G arrow with jewel? I see Chorme with the arrow and jewel and Gold with G arrow and jewel but not chrome with G arrow and Jewel.



I thought all pro lines had 1/4 shafts until I replaced my wiring harness with a TV Jones harness on my pre Fender 6120N. In had to drill out the knobs to 1/4 inch so they would fit. I don't know the answer to your question if chrome G arrow and jewel exist.


My Proline is a 2018 Post Fender so maybe they are 1/4" ?


I don't know for certain, but every FMIC-era pot I've pulled out has been a CTS (and therefore, presumably 1/4" American), so I'd guess they are. On the other hand, one of my two 6120Ns had CTS pots, the other didn't.

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