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Gretsch G6659TG Players Edition Broadkaster Jr review



– Tony

Darryl Higham and Richard Hawley couldn’t live without their own Gretsches’ quirky controls and 50s

Darryl Higham ???????


Their one Con was the Master Volume. That's one of the better things about Gretsch controls. Once you're used to one, it's odd to use a guitar without it. That guitar is a beauty!


Looks to me like the exact same wording was used in another review -- of the 6609 Broadkaster....

Not I big deal I suppose since they are VERY similar instruments. However, I would think the writer(s) could have used a little more imagination.......

I have the 6659TG Junior Broadkaster and LOVE it (per my review back in April, '17)!!


Darrel Higham uses lots of Gretsches. Seems to like Eddie Cochran style neck p90. The Falcon with a p90 I've never seen. Some pics with a Gibson ES 295.


I played one of those Caddy Green beauties. It begged me to take it home.


I must apologize for my earlier comments on Darrel Higham. Of course most if not all in this chat know him, his music and probably his preferred string guage. I had that aha moment, where I thought I had something to contribute. I have spent today trying to get info on an early '60's British sports car (along with some real experts). The original comment appears ti be about the misspelling of Darrel as Daryl. Sorry again, back to the lurking corner.

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