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Gretsch G6659TFM Incoming


First post, long time lurker.

My Sweetwater Engineer emailed me yesterday to inform me that the Bourbon Flame Gretsch G6659TFM had arrived in stock. Link below to pictures of the one I bought.


I could want one of those. Gorgeous color. Cool spec. Owners rave. Congrats!


That is one gorgeous Gretsch, congratulations!


Gorgeous flame!....what a way to start your Gretsch affliction. Welcome to all things Gretsch. Let us know your thoughts & impressions when that beauty arrives.

What style of music are you going use this for?


Welcome to the GDP and congratulations on a gorgeous guitar!

I have the caddy green version of the Broadkaster Jr. and love it! I had a problem with tuning stability for quite a while but finally found a solution:

In short -- the problem was the sharp break angle over the bridge cause by the close proximity of the Bigsby roller bar to the bridge. Others have reported similar problems with this and similar guitars. Fortunately the BricksBiggsFix is an easy solution -- works like a charm.

Enjoy your new guitar!!


Congrats, and welcome aboard!


Congrats, that's a fine-looking guitar!


Beauty! They are claiming it weighs 7 lbs., that seems light with a center block and B7.


Nice axe. Sweetwater is awesome to deal with. Welcome aboard.


It is interesting how close in specs the CBDC 6609 Broadcaster is to the current 6636 CBDC Falcon. As far as I can tell the main differences are the Broadcaster has Fulltron pickups and regular size F-holes. The Falcon has Hi-Sensitive FTs, oversized F-holes, the Falcon headstock and sparkle bling. While the Broadcaster is expensive I think the $1000 difference in MSRP with the Falcon makes it seem reasonable. I do wish Gretsch would go back to making the Falcon CBDC with a neck set that would allow the use of the B6 Bigsby and install the Fulltrons. As it is, I am enjoying my 6609 and really like the Fulltrons.


That is completely awesome! Cheers!

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