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Gretsch G6128T-59 Vintage Select Edition ‘59 Duo Jet (question)


Anyone own one of these?

I have the Gretsch G6128T-53 Vintage Select Edition '53 Duo Jet w/ T-Armonds and was looking at maybe getting the '59 w/ TV Classics.

My question is about the "tone switch", that's a new one for me. Are you happy with the (3) tone settings or do you wish it had a tone knob? Do you use the Master Volume knob much?

I'm looking for a Duo Jet w/ HB's to compliment my guitar w/ single coils, hoping this one will still deliver the twang and snap. I haven't been that in love with Classics in general as I like more highs and less mids but maybe with the smaller body it will be brighter?


I think you’ll find people who are in favor of the features you’re asking about... and an equal number in protest of those same features. It’s like asking if you like blond girls? Some do, others prefer red-heads, and other prefer blond boys. It’s a matter of taste, and you’ll only know when get a chance to try them yourself (the guitar that is).


If my modern WF is typical, the tone switch in the slightly-rolled-off down position gives a very pleasing sound with either pickup or both. I have several Sixties Gretsches; in all of them the down position is almost as muddy as the all-the-way-up one. I've always had all the volume controls all the way up, tone controls too on the guitars that have one.

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