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Gretsch G5420 and Roland MIcro Cube Amp on the horizon


I plan on getting a G5420 Fairlane Blue and a Roland Micro Cube in the near future. Any ideas on choice of amps? I need one that has the battery power so I can play on my back porch or at the local park. I plan on getting all the hardware from the local Guitar Center. I should be ready to go by June. Any ideas and/or advice? Also, do you think the case can be bought at the local GC? .


Go and try a Yamaha THR10 they sound fantastic and can be powered by batteries but it will mean you won't need the Roland. I bought the THR10C after watching this.

Have fun.


Many people here love that Yamaha THR. My brother still loves his after 2 years.


I've got a cube and while they are quite good (my friend with a Pignose is envious) I would lean to the Yamaha now. Lotsa good choices out there.

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