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gretsch black friday deals- (a depressing annual tradition)


i think this is the second or third version of my annual "any good gretsch deals this time of year", only to be met by crickets every time. but who knows? maybe someone will find something nice this year.

as ever, i don't want or need anything, and can't afford anything; just hoping to aggregate and pass the deals along to all. maybe this year is the year

(i'm hoping for blowouts on 55 falcons and grey clubs- maybe in the $2-400 range)


We can only hope AND pray.


I'd settle for a '55 Penguin for around $1500-2K found in the back of a closet.....stored for about oh......….the past 60 years. That would be a great Black Friday deal. You know, an innocuous CL ad for old guitar and parts.


PC alert: It's now the Friday Of Color.


An economist on the radio said the best way to save money on Black Friday was to not buy anything. Bravo! It has insidiously crept across the border and infiltrated our culture too now! It wasn't really a thing here 10 years or so ago I believe.


Blame it on your neighbors to the south! You might have to build a wall to keep this stuff from entering your country, right?


i pretty much only buy stuff that doesn't exist on black friday, like plug ins and programs and such. and the occasional thing i know is deeply discounted only because it was heavily marked up to begin with.

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