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Gretsch 6118 Players Edition OPINIONS?


Yeah, we may need pics.


Thanks Proteus. It’s the wooden piece that arrived a bit twisted... Will try upload a pic I placed it correctly and now is plain in the body but still moves a bit. Arrived also with a hardcase problem


This problem. So the company accept sending it back. I put the bridge back correctly but don’t know if the screw inside that wood below the bridge has also been damage. I can buy another one from UK at exact price and send this one back.
But I’m doubting cause it seems to play correctly and has a great sound. Anyway the case will be changed for sure

Opinions welcome and appreciated!!


I have no idea how that bridge base could be tipping like that, unless

1) the wood itself is warped. That could happen in shipping with extreme temperature and humidity changes, I guess - but I'd expect the neck and other body parts to be wacky too.

2) the bridge posts screw into the top of the body and the treble post is bent forward. But to my knowledge, only Electromatics are "secured" in that way. It's not the way pro-lines are pinned; they just have a small headless allen screw in the top which fits up into a small hole in the bottom of the bridge base. So that seems unlikely.

I suppose it's possible you don't have the base fitted correctly over the small headless allen screw, so that it's preventing the back of the base from settling onto the guitar top, and that string pressure is holding the base in that forward-tipping position. But I wouldn't expect the bridge and base to be stable in that situation.

To tell more, I'd have to see the guitar and the bridge base with the bridge taken off.

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