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Gretsch 6118 Players Edition OPINIONS?


Hi folks! Im very close to grab this guitar but would like to know opinions of any of you owners...

Seems to have several of the strengths I like in a gretsch...thin body, filters, just one switch...

Is it a great piece to gig with? I have a tremendous 1964 AC10 waitin!

This is the one...

Thanks a lot


Go For It!

Gorgeous!! And fabulous tones....!


You can't go wrong and your amp will thank you.


I really want one of these, more than a 6120 actually


I had a 6120 LTV for some weeks. Sounded awesome. Tv classics but Not fan of that thick body

Had a 89 country classic II. Great sounding but super heavy weight and too big for me.

I can’t find a great gretsch thin body lightweight with filters and trestle!! This one appears to be the one!

Am I wrong or is there a better choice?


You did good. Everything you want plus that great Gretsch sound.


I hadn't known about them until this thread but I really like what I hear. Sounds like a winner for sure.....and versatile.


It depends on what musical settings you play in, style of music, etc. Of course they are really well made, as one would expect from the Terada Gretsches. The Players Edition guitars are tight, with ML bracing or trestle, and some features that a lot of folks were modding into their Gretsches, like a treble bleed circuit, jack plate, etc., are already there. I had one and sold it, simply because I like the lighter built Annies and 6120s that are better suited to my own playing. Mostly, I like the way they respond and feel compared to heavily braced guitars; it's just personal preference. The good things about the PE guitars include versatility, stability when exposed to climate and humidity changes, fewer feedback issues at high volumes, and playing comfort.


Thanks journey I play all kind of stuff in party’s weddings and jams Elvis, Petty rolling beatles the band . all sort classic rock

I’m the singer and mostly rythm guitar

When you mean the lighter 6120 are they lighter than these 6118s players Ed?

Are these ones for all kind of music and great for classic rock in your opinion?


Perfect for that application.


They are indeed versatile. My 6120 and 6118 are from the Fuji-gen factory and are constructed differently than the Terada built ones. I also have a 1960 Annie (6124) and my Fuji-gen guitars are almost identical in construction. When I say light, I mean very thin tops and a neck extension that is suspended over the top. They are very responsive and lively with parallel braces and a tone post. The trade off is that they feedback easily (only a problem for some people) and very susceptible to humidity changes. (seasonal changes and travel to places with high humidity) The truss rod wrench is always in the case when traveling.

For what you do, the Players Edition Annie should be perfect.


Thanks to all For the help

I will grab one as soon as I can!

Oh I see all the players edition have the thinner bodies... Do all the models preserve their own carácter and sound?

Anyone experienced in the 6120T?


I have the exact guitar and I LOVE it. I like to play loud, and when rocking, mine feedbacks so musically. It's just so much fun to play. It's also great for low volume stuff. I really like the player edition features like, the bar bridge, and the pinless Bigsby. And, I really like the tone control as I've never been a fan of the mud switches on my other Gretsches! For what you want to do with it, you'll love it!

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