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Gretsch 6114 New Jet questions.


I had a few questions about 6114 New Jets that I was hoping someone on this forum could answer.

What is the Neck profile?

How much do they weigh?

I have an 06 6128-DSV and am looking for something with a similar feel that I could throw some Super 'Trons in.



I am on the lookout for a 6128 and came across a new jet locally. Cool guitar at a good price, but this particular one was very much players grade. All original, all working, but lots of wear.

I haven’t yet played a traditional Jet, so can only compare it to my 6122-1959 and the many 6120’s I tried when shopping for my first Gretsch.

In general, it felt like most Gretsch necks. Not super fast , but also not a baseball bat. Felt very comfy for chords.

The body contour was nice. I believe it’s heiavier than a Jet because of less chambering. Also, it’s got the bigger headstock from the pre-Fender days.

Cosmetically it didn’t totally feel like a Jet to me because it has no binding. It really felt like it was in Les Paul Studio zone.

The one I had played had the original pickups but most I see online have had them swapped out. This is a bit of a shame imo. There aren’t many of these out there and they have a unique pickup designed by TV Jones. They are totally designed to rock. Again, not what most are going for in a Gretsch, but too bad to be losing this little footnote in history.

If you have a chance to play one, I highly recommend it.


The New Jet is a great ergonomic design that furthered many of the ideals from vintage days. That said, they are heavier than vintage but nothing like a Lester. The necks are a medium C shape. I wasn't crazy about the original pickups but that is easily remedied to your taste. All the Gretsches from that time have a thick shiny poly finish. I found that going over the poly with 8/0 steel wool took the shine off and made the finish glow on my '89 6120. More importantly, it made the neck smoother and faster. Supertrons would work quite well with the New Jet. There are some really good deals for buyers now.


And this is why you have to collect them all!

I swapped out the pickups in mine because I have humbucker guitars, and I wanted a more Gretschy sounding guitar. My New Jet approximated that somewhat, but I still had to add a Bigsby as well.

It's not super light or super chambered like the modern or even FMIC Duo Jets, and it does feel slighly Les Paulish...I think that's what they were going for.

If you can get it for a song, beater or not, it's a good guitar still...just not a Duo Jet.


Thanks guys, I found an old listing on CME for one it was listed as 7.8lbs with a C-shape neck. Thanks for all the input. I think I’ll pull the trigger on one of these.



Remember to show us all.

No fun in talking about a guitar if you're not going to show it off!

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